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PGDM Courses Offered

Courses Offered

A. The program structure proposed after a comprehensive review of international best practices and program structure and curriculum, is as follows: Two part structure with

       (i) a compulsory set of courses covering all foundation areas in management, and to build a holistic general management perspective; and

       (ii)a set of elective courses with a functional and domain thrust aimed at building the job specific skills and knowledge in the chosen functional area of management.

B. The Two Year Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is having an annual structure, with each academic year divided into three parts – trimesters; over two academic years, there are a total of six trimesters.

C. The program comprises of an equivalent of 1050 hours of class room contact, and would assume that each course, generally of thirty classroom hours, involves a total of in- and outside-classroom work of around 100 hours, by the student.

D. One credit worth of coursework is equivalent to ten hours of in-class workload, and hence each course involving thirty in-class hours is worth three credits each.

E. Thus, there are 35 courses covering the 1050 in-class hours over the two years, and eight weeks of summer internship in an organization, where students will perform given organizational tasks and undertake a project.

F. The first three trimesters in first year would comprise only compulsory courses, with 18 courses scheduled over the three terms.

G. The second year would have two compulsory courses viz., Strategic Management and Business Environment, and 15 other electives.

4th Trimester 5th Trimester 6th Trimester Total
Core 2 0 0 2
Electives 4 6 5 15
CIS 0 1 1 2
Audit Course 1 1 1 3

H. Finally, between the two years, there is a mandatory internship with an organization, of eight weeks duration, culminating in a project report that will be evaluated. This will have a weightage of three credits, equivalent to one course of thirty hours in-class.

I. The final grade sheet should include the internship grade separately.

J. A minimum of eight week of training/internship in between the two years, aftercompleting the core courses, is mandatory to complete the requirements of the PGDM.

K. Internship will be in any external organization. Grading will have a weightage equivalent to three credits.

L. Given this structure, completing the PGDM requires successfully completing, courses with a total of 600 hours of compulsory course classroom contact hours, and 450 hours of elective course classroom contact hours.

M. Course Structure-The following areas or disciplines in management that create a strong general management perspective, are identified.

Serial Number Area
1 Accounting and Financial management
2 Operations/ quantitative management and Information systems management
3 Marketing management
4 Strategic management and general management (business law, CSR, Ethics, Environmental management, etc.)
5 Organizational behavior and HRM
6 Business Economics
7 Business Communications

N. Students will undertake five to seven courses per term in the elective terms to suit their course requirements; however in the first year, there will be a uniform six course per term.

O. Second year students are allowed to take not more than one CIS per term. CIS is permitted during the term V and VI only.

Programmes Offered

As a management institute, it caters to the specialization of

1. Organization behavior & personnel management

2. Marketing management

3. Financial management

4. Supply Chain Management

5. Information and Systems Management

6. Medical and Biotechnology Management

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