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Business Management plays an important role in an organisation. It provides knowledge and training pertaining to planning, execution, supervision and analysis of a business enterprise.

The program aims at developing leadership acumen, strategic thinking, decision making and problem solving skills required for business environment.

The course is also well defined and focuses on developing functional management skills, strategic planning and execution and softskills to enhance technical expertise. Besides this, we give emphasis to prepare for small business owners and enterpreneurs who can able to run a business from financial, marketing and amangement point of view.

Business management program is taught by eminent faculties, industry experienced experts and it covers the entire gamut of business concepts ranging from marking and financial management to data analytics and digital transformaton of businesses and economies. This also serves as an essential building block for the carrer progression.

Top recruiters participate in campus placements at Business Management department to recruit students in their companies. All the students are well placed before completion of this course. The department also ensures more than one job offers for over 90% of the outgoing students.

Vision of Department:

To develop business leaders for creating startegic planning, understanding the political, social nd technological influences. This shall lead to job creators from job seekers, exploring the entrpreneurial skills.

Mission of Department:

M1:To ignite, create and nurture entrepreneurship for the benefit of business and society.

M2: To foster culture of learning, achievement of orientation, creativity and interdependence political, social and technological influences.

M3: To do branding through creating value of money, society and environment for sustainability.

Program Educational Objectives:

PEO 1: To equip students to find solutions to the challenges encountered in various management aspects.

PEO 2: To develop an understanding of various aspects of business including marketing, communication, financial management, human resource management & project management.

PEO 3: To facilitate the development of techno-managerial cadres needed for management plans of the country and to create innovative academic programmes.

PEO 4: To help create institutional structures and schemes for nurturing leadership in entrepreneurship, copreneurship with special focus on business management.

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